We are very proud of our very own pre school dance program 'funky monkeys'. Three specially designed levels to work on your child's coordination, musicality, fine motor skills and spatial awareness, through dance, song and having fun! We start with funky monkey 2, from walking, where parents are invited to join in the class with their funky monkeys. Children then move on to funky monkey 3, then 4 where they start to learn basics for ballet tap and modern, so at age 5 they are ready to move into their chosen genre.

Following the ISTD classical ballet syllabus, we run classes from pre-primary to advanced levels, starting from age 5. Ballet is known for strength, posture and graceful movements, as well as working on discipline and classical technique. Exams are taken regularly for students to work their way through the grades and progress onto higher levels. Ballet is good foundation for all dance genres.


Following the recently updated ISTD tap syllabus, tap is a great way to dance and have fun! Starting at primary and going through to advanced level, tapping works with relaxed feet and ankles, learning and using interesting rhythms and technique to produce this fabulous dance style.

Following the ISTD syllabus, modern dance works on strong technique including building strong core muscles and flexibility. Starting from primary up to advanced level, modern covers the foundations of lyrical and jazz dance.

We are proud to offer acro dance as an approved Acrobatic Arts school. From age 5 upwards our acro classes work on flexibility and strength from a young age so students can progress through levels to learn cartwheels, walk overs, forward and backwards handsprings and aerial cartwheels to name but a few moves. Exams are taken with Acrobatic Arts. A very popular class, we often have a waiting list, please contact us to book a place.

This is a fun class, with levels based on age rather than exams. Up to date pop music is used in lessons, working on flexibility and technique including leaps, kicks and turns, and dances like you may see in pop videos. From age 5 upwards.

This is our advanced jazz class, building on the techniques learnt in younger jazz classes, commercial is a funky current dance style, seen in music videos and very popular, perfect for teenagers to dance, have fun and flick their hair!

Our cheer coaches are trained through 'Future Cheer' in stunts and tumbling, in classes students work on flexibility, arm motions, Pom work, dance moves and several lifts and stunts. From age 5 upward.

Contemporary dance is a beautiful fusion of ballet, jazz and lyrical modern. A very emotional genre of dance, exploring interesting and exciting lines and moves. From age 12+

This super cool funky class is popular with boys and girls of all ages. Working in the coolest moves and tricks, to funky street music.

This new class is proving to be a big success with our students. Working on dance, drama and singing using songs from musicals of the stage and screen. In musical theatre we work on stage craft and voice projection within musical numbers and drama scenes, a fantastic fun class which helps to build confidence.

We have junior, inter and senior Stars classes which are all very popular. Showstars is a performance based class using all genres of dance creating show numbers for performances throughout the year. We perform in the full school show, and are often asked to perform at local events including galas and fayres. We have a singing teacher who works with students each term, and we work on audition and performance technique.

A very popular class building confidence and speaking ability. Working on improvisation, scripts and devised pieces, as well as theatre craft and stage presence. Our drama class works towards several performances each year, giving every student a chance to shine.

A very popular and fun way to keep fit! From beginners to advanced, adult tap is a great way to meet new friends, have a laugh and get some weekly exercise. Learning tap steps and routines, adult tap have the opportunity to perform in our annual show.

We run 2 pole fit classes each week, from beginners to advanced level. Pole is a great way to keep in shape and build full body strength. From spinning, hold, climbs and inverting (going up side down!) on the pole, pole fit has something for everyone. Class sizes are limited so booking is essential.

With the studio heated up to optimum temperature this class is very popular, please call Amanda on 07930 65 85 80 or visit Hot Yoga Leeds for details.

Contact Anna on 07710 403 742, or email